Ambubachi mela – Kamakhya temple (Guwahati)

Tuesday 22nd Ambubachi will begin. like last year.The fair is not organized because of covid-19.

Let us know a little about Ambubachi.

Ambubachi Fair is the biggest festival of Eastern India. It is one of the most important celebrations of the Kamakhya temple and is celebrated every year in the month of June.

This festival is mainly celebrated with strict religious principles, energetic activities. Kamakhya is believed to be a mother practice, an energy indicator. During Ambubachi, the doors of all temples are kept closed from the 7th to the 10th day of the Hindu month of Asher as this period is known as the time of Rajasabala of Ma-Kamakhya. On the twelfth day of this month, the temple doors are officially opened and a huge fair is organized around the temple on the same day.


Ambubachi means water pronounced and the possibility of rain during this month is understood through Ambubachi which increases the fertility of the earth and makes it productive. During this all agricultural activities like plowing, digging, threshing and transportation of crops are stopped. Widow, celibate and brahmin all stop cooking. On the fourth day i.e. on the completion of Ambubachi, all the utensils, clothes etc. of the house are washed and water of peace is sprinkled on them. After all this it is considered auspicious to enter the temple.

Thus a peculiarity of Ambubachi is, the constructive influence of agrarian-society and religious ideology has made this phenomenon a reality. Kamakhya is a unique center in the field of Tantric Sadhana. There is a tantric society which also celebrates its important Rajeshwari Puja.

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