Bad news for Assam residents – The potential for cooking gas in the state is obvious

Assam News: Bad news for the people of the state in the midst of the Covid epidemic. The potential for cooking gas in the state is obvious. North East Pact LPG Transporters Association strike from Yesterday. Indefinitely closed cooking gas project transport service. Transportation services for the Cooking Gas Project at 7 a.m. in the Northeast are closed.

There is a possibility of cooking gas in the state. The cooking gas project will be closed indefinitely from June 23 at 8 a.m. in the Northeast.

The North East Pact LPG Transporter Association has called for a strike. The strike was staged in protest of a conspiracy to deprive Thaluwak of his job.

Closed North Guwahati, Mirza-Sarpara, Duliajan, Silchar, Gopanari. Bottling plants at Dimapur, Bangaigaon and Czech are closed. The strike has turned into a multi-faceted demand. Protest against the conspiracy to deprive Thaluwak of the right to work abroad.

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