Beware of Fake ‘FedEx Courier’ Call Scam Spreading in India

Watch out for a new phone scam in India posing as FedEx couriers. Scammers call claiming illegal packages were sent to you, pretend to be cops, get you on Skype, and send fake govt docs. They trick you to share bank details, saying your Aadhaar is used for crimes, and tell you to transfer money, promising to return it, but never do.

Criminals are posing as FedEx couriers and tricking Guwahati people into giving them money. 
Phone call scams like those from RBI are not rare. People keep losing money. This is a new one – The fake FedEx courier call. It’s the latest cyber scam. At the time of writing, it is spreading like COVID in Assam too.

This scam is happening with people in Guwahati. We received recounts of 2 such incidents.

The fraudsters would scare you like hell by posing to be the FedEx Team first. They would use IVR and the scam would look too sophisticated when they transfer to call to the Narcotics Department.

Here’s how it works:

You get a call from someone claiming to be from FedEx. They say a package with illegal items like tiger skins or drugs was mistakenly shipped to your address.

  • Later, someone else calls you pretending to be a police officer. They get you on a Skype call and tell you to keep it a secret. They might directly transfer call through IVR too.
  • The scammers send you fake documents that look real, like arrest warrants and letters from government agencies.
  • They say your Aadhaar card is being used for crimes. The phone numbers even look real and not spammy.
  • Finally, they get your bank and Aadhaar details. They tell you to transfer money to them to sort it out, promising to return it later. But they never do.

The scam is getting successful as the scammers create a fear and situation you have never faced before. The brand value of FedEx and words like Identity theft, Narcotics, Cybercrimes etc.

Don’t fall for this trick. Hang up right away if you get one of these calls. With new technology, these scams are getting more advanced. So be careful and warn your friends and family too. More updates to come. Stay tuned!

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