China discovered 24 new corona viruses, 4 of them like covid-19, it is necessary to be alert

Covid-19 Update: Right now the world is thinking of getting rid of the corona virus, while Chinese scientists have discovered 24 new corona viruses. 4 of these corona viruses are like Covid-19. That is, the danger has quadrupled. Chinese scientists were investigating the origin of the corona virus, examining bats, meanwhile they have discovered these 24 new corona viruses. One of these viruses is genetically very similar to the SARS-CoV-2 virus that is currently wreaking havoc. That is, the world needs to be more vigilant.


Chinese scientists have discovered these 24 corona viruses in bats found in southwest China. Also tried to tell how many of these 24 viruses can infect humans. This report is published in Cell Journal. Researchers at Shandong University reported that we have discovered 24 new corona viruses in different species of bats. Four of these corona viruses are similar to the currently epidemic Covid-19 virus.


Chinese scientists took samples of bats in the forests of southwestern China between May 2019 and November 2020. Scientists examined the urine and feces of bats. Also spit from the mouths of some bats. These samples were then examined and found to contain 24 new corona viruses.

According to a Chinese researcher, one of these viruses, SARS-CoV-2, is genetically found The world is currently plagued by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The scientist said that the new corona virus that has been found has a slight difference in spike protein from the current epidemic virus but is genetically the closest. The spike protein is the outer thorny layer of the corona virus, which helps the virus to attach to human cells.

Many of the corona viruses that have been discovered so far are similar to the corona virus that was discovered in Thailand in June last year. Not only that, many corona viruses are now found in many cases with the Covid-19 virus responsible for human deaths. These corona viruses are constantly spreading rapidly among the population of bats. These are becoming harder to stop. Corona viruses make the body of bats their home.


The discovery of these 24 new corona viruses in China comes at a time when the origin of the corona virus is being investigated around the world with transparent and solid evidence. So that scientists around the world can come up with new and better vaccines. Also, help in the second phase of the World Health Organization’s investigation into the origin of the corona virus.

Recently, the demand for the real origin of the corona virus and the cause of the epidemic has increased rapidly around the world. Different countries around the world are demanding an impartial and transparent inquiry into WHO and China. Because it has been more than a year and a half since the spread of the corona virus epidemic but the exact cause of its origin and contagion has not been known yet.

Now countries around the world and scientists are demanding that the Wuhan Institute of Virology be investigated. To find out if the corona virus leaked from there or came into humans naturally. This will reveal China’s preparations and mistakes related to the use of different types of viruses.

A few years ago, 8 children fell ill in Malaysia. He was suffering from pneumonia. When a sample was taken to the hospital for testing, he was infected with a new corona virus. This corona virus is found in dogs. This information has now come to light in a study. Before the advent of Covid-19, people only knew about seven types of corona viruses. The new coronavirus that has now been discovered may have been transmitted from pigs to humans. This is an old case but it is still a threat to people globally.

Stanley Pearlman, a virologist at the University of Iowa, said that the more we investigate, the more we will be able to go into detail. This will show us how the corona virus is moving from one species to another. The Caninelike Coronavirus and Feline Coronavirus that have been discovered have so far been reported to infect people. But there is no definite information as to whether the infection has spread from one person to another.

On the other hand, some scientists believe that the virus has the ability to mutate itself in any human or organism. He has the ability to evolve. Genome sequencing of the corona virus found in a patient in Malaysia revealed that there are four corona viruses. Found in two dogs. A fourth in a cat, possibly in a pig. It is reported in Clinical Infectious Diseases. The genes of that patient showed the presence of these four corona viruses.

This is the first report stating that the canninelike coronavirus found in dogs can replicate in humans. However, it needs further study to solidify it. Researchers have developed the virus in the tumor cells of dogs but not in humans. Anastasia Vlasova, a researcher who conducted the study and a veterinary virologist at Ohio State University Worcester, said that at the moment we do not have solid evidence that these four viruses could have evolved in humans. But corona virus in dogs can replicate.


On the other hand, the Delta variant of the corona virus present in India is now weakening. Due to this, the second wave came into the country. But the whole world is worried now because of this virus. Because of this the number of corona infections in many countries of the world is not coming down. The Delta variant was formerly called B.1.617.2 in the United Kingdom. Recently WHO named all the variants. In which this corona variant is being called the delta variant. This variant was introduced in India in October 2020 last year.

It is believed that the relief given in lockdown due to delta variant in England may be withdrawn by the end of this month. Because it is feared that the Delta variant could cause the third wave of corona infection. UK Health Minister Matt Hancock stated that the Delta variant is 40 percent more contagious than the Alpha variant. This is a matter of concern for the whole of England. People who have had two doses of the vaccine may also fall prey to this variant. Or another variant because they have been genetically mutated.

The Delta variant is currently the most dangerous corona variant in the UK. An earlier alpha variant, also known as the Kent variant, caused a lockdown in the UK in January. Matt Hancock said that our scientists have investigated, after which it has been confirmed that the Delta variant is 40 percent more contagious than the alpha variant. In such a situation, finding new corona viruses and having four of them resemble the current virus is a wake-up call.

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