Many decisions were taken in the cabinet meeting today on education, health and crime control

Assam News: Approves setting up of 4 new forensic laboratories in the state for crime control.

The state cabinet meeting was held at Janata Bhavan today under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Bishwa Sharma. The two-hour meeting, which will be held from 11 a.m. onwards, will take a number of important decisions in different parts of the state. Such important decisions are taken in cabinet meetings

1. Today’s Cabinet has approved the setting up of 4 new forensic laboratories in the state. These forensic laboratories will be set up at Silchar Medical College, Dibrugarh-based Assam Medical College, Tezpur Medical College and Bongaigaon Civil Hospital respectively. Once the newly established forensic laboratory becomes operational, the crime detection system will be strengthened.

2. To speed up the implementation of the “Supplementary Nutrition Scheme” implemented by the Department of Social Welfare for the Nutrition of Children and Pregnant Women, the Cabinet has decided to procure rice procured under this scheme directly from the Food Corporation of India. This will result in the release of government funds as well as the purchase of other nutritional supplements. In addition, the chilling system will not be applicable in the implementation of this scheme from now on.
3. The Cabinet today approved the five newly established universities in the state, namely Madhavdev University in Narayanpur, Bhattadev University in Bajali, Majuli Cultural University, Sati Sadhani University in Golaghat and Rabindranath Tagore University in Hojai. As a result, from now on, the university will be able to form various councils and run the educational program smoothly.

4. Today’s Cabinet, after a thorough review of the recent covid situation, decides that it is not possible to conduct the final examination of the newcomer’s high school, high madrasa and higher secondary under the prevailing system. Therefore, on 16th June, the Department of Education will take a final decision in this regard through discussions with all parties.

5. In view of the recent cod infection, today’s cabinet has decided not to provide a home isolation covid positive for people who do not have access to private toilets and toilets. This decision should be strictly enforced by the health department and the administration.

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