Priyanka Gandhi: Prime Minister Modi is not worried about people because of Covid epidemic, he is only worried about politics and publicity

Assam news: Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Bhadrai on Saturday lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the situation arising out of the second wave of the Corona epidemic and complained that he did not care about the people but the politicians.


In a statement, Priyanka also claimed that the whole world has seen that Prime Minister Modi is not capable of governing the country under the discipline of questioning ‘no responsibility.

He said, “Why do we have to feel during this epidemic what the people did during the Spanish flu epidemic in the last century? Why is the whole world worried about the bodies in the river? ‘

Priyanka claims that in times of crisis, a strong leader faces the truth and takes responsibility and makes decisions. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister has not done anything about it

“From the beginning of the epidemic, the whole point of the government was to hide the truth and run away from its responsibilities,” he alleged. As a result, when Corona’s second wave began to wreak havoc, the Modi government went into a state of inactivity. As a result of this inactivity, the virus has spread to other parts of the world.

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