South Africa in the third wave of Corona! President has announced to further tighten the ongoing lockdown

Assam News: There have been 16,71,08 positive cases and 54,08 deaths in South Africa so far. South Africa in the third round of Corona! The President has announced to tighten the ongoing lockdown

Corona’s second wave has shocked the world, while the third wave has begun in South Africa. Meanwhile, the government administration is on the rise to prevent the spread of the third wave of the virus in the country. President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced a lockdown and crackdown in the wake of the Corona riots. Addressing the nation on Tuesday, Ramphosai said the third wave of epidemics had already started in four of South Africa’s Nakhon Pradesh and the outbreak had spread to other provinces.

The president also said that the third wave of Corona has had the biggest impact on the economic hub of Gauteng province. In the past week, Gauteng has accounted for two-thirds of the country’s 40 percent increase in infections. The average number of deaths in Covid 19 in the province has risen to 47 percent. It is feared that within a few days, the new Gauteng incident will surpass the second-highest number of cases. In that case, we have to take steps to save the lives of the people.


The government will implement the third phase of Covid-19 lockdown in the country from Majnisha on Tuesday to deal with the third wave of the epidemic. Under this, night curfew will be imposed from 10 pm to 4 am. Restaurants, bars and fitness centers will be closed by 9 pm. Only 50 occupants will be allowed inside the enclosed space and 100 occupants will be allowed to gather in the open space.

There have been 16,71,08 positive cases of South Africa so far and 54,07 people have died. In the last seven days, an average of 6,500 cases of infection has been reported in the country.

Therefore, referring to the two pre-transition periods and the global health sector, the President reassures the people that the emphasis is on providing adequate health care and adequate care in the country’s medical care.

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