Unlike the Hindu population, the Muslim population in Assam has tripled in ten years.

The population of Assam:

BJP recalls national media. “Muslim women have given birth to more children in the state. The government will soon bring in a strict population control law.”

According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5) 5, a report by the Times of India (TOI) states that the Muslim population in Assam is declining. In a press conference at the state BJP office on Monday, two spokespersons Jayant Malla Barua and Pavitra Margarita released the Times of India’s newsletter based on Lokpal information.

According to the Lokpal, the growth rate of Hindu population in Assam during 1991-2001 was 14.9% as against 29.3%. In those ten years, the Muslim population doubled at the rate of the Hindu population. In the decade 2001-11, the growth rate of Hindu population in the state has come down to 10.9%, while the growth rate of Muslim population has increased to 29.6%.

Referring to the Lokpal elections of 1971 and 2011, Jayant Malla Barua said, “The percentage of Muslims in Assam was 24.57 per cent as against 72.51 per cent of the total population of Assam in 1981. 22 per cent.” Spokesperson Jayant Malla Barua said: “Assam has 10 Muslim-majority districts in 2011, as opposed to the Muslim-majority Dukhan district in 1971.”
“Muslim women are more likely to give birth at the expense of the state,” she said.

Jayant Malla Barua says, “The government will soon bring strict population control laws.” Pabitra Margarita says, “If population control is not done, Hindus will become a minority in Assam in 2038. If so, everyone has to cooperate. “

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