Top 10 youtubers in Assam, who is no 1 Assamese youtuber

Youtubers in Assam

Assam, a state located in northeastern India, has witnessed the emergence of numerous talented YouTubers who have gained popularity and created a significant impact on the digital landscape. These YouTubers have used the platform to showcase their creativity, entertain audiences, and spread awareness about various issues.

Top 10 youtubers in Assam

No 1 youtuber in Assam

Dimpu’s Vlogs Subscriber 2.7 million

Dimpu Baruah

Subscriber 1.8 million

Dimpu Baruah is a popular YouTuber and social media influencer known for his entertaining content. Born and raised in Assam, India, Baruah has gained a significant following on YouTube due to his unique style and engaging videos. While details about his personal life are scarce, his YouTube channel has become a reliable source of income for him. Baruah’s videos cover a wide range of topics, including comedy sketches, travel vlogs, trending topics, explore places and product reviews. With his growing popularity, Dimpu Baruah continues to captivate audiences with his creative content and remains a prominent figure in the online community

He is the most subscribed individual Assamese YouTuber. He is also known for his unboxing style, in which he chops down the box with a knife. He has a second channel named “Dimpu’s Vlogs, subscriber 2.7 million.

Dimpu Baruah (Assamese: ডিম্পু বৰুৱা; born: July 6, 1995 (1995-07-06) [age 27]) is an Indian tech YouTuber who uploads tutorials that are more “practical” and easy. He is the most subscribed individual Assamese YouTuber.


Assamese youtuber no 2

Arup Das, Voice Assam, subscriber 2.07 million

Voise Assam is a Assamese comedy YouTube channel. Most popular character of the channel is Telsura, children acting in the channel, it also famous for comedy regional language dialogue.

Created playlists · Suven Kair Jiban ( all episodes ) · Telsura Village · Suven Kai Video · Telsura comedy Video · Vlogs · Musical · Interesting Facts.

No 3 Assamese youtuber in Assam

Bikash Chetry – I Love Travel and Food

subscriber 1.1 million

Bikash Chetry, the founder of “I Love Travel and Food,” is an exceptional Assamese YouTuber. Known for his incredible content, he captivates viewers with his travel experiences and food explorations. With his unique perspective, Bikash Chetry has established himself as a prominent figure in the YouTube community.

No 4 Youtuber in Assam (Assamese youtuber)

Nashiur Rehman( Sunny Golden Youtube channel) subscriber 635k

as gained significant popularity on YouTube with his original content and satirical parodies. His channel has amassed over 489k subscribers, thanks to the high quality of his videos. With a unique blend of humor and creativity, Sunny Golden has captivated audiences and garnered a loyal fan base. His success on YouTube reflects the growing demand for entertaining and engaging content, solidifying his position as a rising star in the online world

5 no Youtuber in Assam

Bhaskar Dutta Subscriber 102k

Purbanchal, Subscriber 306k

Bhaskar Dutta, born in Baruah Chowk, Kaliabari, Siva Sagar, began his Purbanchal YouTube channel in September 2018, showcasing tourist destinations and travel videos in Northeast India. With over 306k subscribers.

6 no Youtuber in Assam

bhukhan Pathak, Subscriber 219k

Bhukhan Pathak, also known as Dhanmoni Pathak, is a well-known Assamese YouTuber and social media influencer. He owns three popular YouTube channels, including Assamese Mixture, Bhukhan Pathak, and BYP. Assamese Mixture features celebrity interviews and entertainment news, while Bhukhan Pathak is his personal vlogging channel. Bhukhan Pathak is recognized as the first Assamese YouTuber to receive the “Silver Play Button.

7 no Youtuber in Assam

Chitraranjan Nath ( Digital Sahay Youtube Channel ) subscriber 643 k

Chittaranjan Nath is a popular YouTuber in Assam with over 643k subscribers on his channel “Digital Sahay.” He creates informative and user-friendly videos on technology, smartphones, and knowledge-based content in Assamese, gaining rapid popularity in the region.

8 no Youtuber in Assam

Bonny Deori and his friends ( Heavy Budget Youtube Channel) subscriber 613k

Heavy Budget is a community of friends and cousins who create fun content, including videos showcasing day-to-day scenarios and comedic skits. Since entering YouTube on May 26, 2018, their channel has gained 613K subscribers

9 no Youtuber in Assam

Dipak Sharma ( Channel Dipak motivator ) subscriber 538k

Dipak Sharma, an exceptional motivational speaker, thrives on connecting with young students and imparting his profound insights. Through his engaging presence, he ignites hope and inspiration in countless lives. His free workshops have become transformative experiences for many, leaving a lasting impact on their journeys. Dipak Sharma’s unwavering passion for empowering others and his refreshing perspective on life make him a beacon of hope for students, encouraging them to embrace their potential and seize every opportunity that comes their way.

10 no Youtuber in Assam

Sanjay bodo, B Boys Channel, Subscriber 1.8 million

B boys is a popular Indian social media influencer, YouTuber, vlogger, and short film maker known for his adventurous comedy videos. With a unique and unconventional approach, B boys has gained a substantial fan following on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. He embarked on his YouTube journey in 2019, captivating audiences with his humorous and offbeat content. Through his videos, B boys continues to entertain and engage his followers, leaving them eagerly awaiting his next exciting and unconventional endeavor.

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